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Have you considered having your kitten, cat, puppy or dog microchipped? If so, you have likely thought about the repercussions of not doing so, which can mean that if your pet gets lost that you may never see them again. Fortunately, a quick and affordable in-office microchip pet ID insertion can dramatically increase the odds that your furry friend is returned to your loving home safe and sound; however, there are more benefits that our Richmond and Midlothian veterinarian offer.

microchip pet ID from our richmond and midlothian veterinarian

The Benefits of Microchipping Pet Identification

Microchipping your dog or cat is absolutely safe, and the most common complaint is shifting of the chip from the insertion site. This procedure requires no anesthesia and can be performed in just minutes at our office at the Animal Medical Center in Midlothian. Microchipping is very affordable and we can do the procedure and have your pet’s ID placed on the national registry for a very nominal fee. Your puppy or kitten can get a microchip as young as four weeks old.

Additional benefits of pet microchipping include:

  • A quick scan by a veterinarian or pet rescue shelter lets the technician know whom to contact in order to locate the owner, so your pet comes home sooner. All information is wholly confidential, and only the information you provide is revealed in chip scan.
  • Unlike collars, pet microchip ID mechanisms don’t get lost or tear off of your pet. Using both methods increases the chances of pet recovery.
  • Microchips require no maintenance, and they typically last the lifetime of your pet.
  • These passive devices are only activated when your pet is scanned, so there are no concerns about constant exposure to EMF’s.
  • This is a painless process, and your pet will not even know that the chip is there.

The Process of Microchipping Your Dog, Puppy, Cat or Kitten

Microchips are about the size of a grain of rice, and our veterinarian inserts this microchip between the shoulders using a hypodermic needle just a bit larger than those used for vaccinations. This painless, anesthesia-free procedure allows authorized scan centers to access vital contact information so you can recover your pet. Our veterinarian will issue you a registration certificate so that you can quickly reclaim your pet in the event that they are found.

Contact Animal Medical Center for Microchip ID and All of Your Veterinary Needs

At the Animal Medical Center, we are a full-service emergency animal clinic and veterinary service provider in Midlothian, VA. Our clinic is the sole comprehensive vet in the area that is open 24/7 so that we can be here when you need us most for emergency services and also for routine examinations and preventative care procedures during normal business hours when it’s most convenient for you. Contact our experienced veterinary team today to schedule an appointment with our Richmond and Midlothian, VA veterinarian today at 804-639-3900.

Pet Microchipping FAQ’s Answered by Midlothian Vets at Animal Medical Center

Our Richmond Metro area and Midlothian veterinarians at Animal Medical Center are on duty 24/7 to provide emergency and routine care for pets. So, it was our team’s pleasure to put together this list of pet microchipping FAQ’s to help owners understand the essential aspects of this quick and simple procedure.

Q:  How Soon Can Pets Be Microchipped?

A:  The unofficial rule of thumb for pets undergoing the procedure is approximately between four and six weeks old. However, specialty breeds and exotics may need to reach a certain vet-recommended weight before pet microchipping.

Q:  What Can My Pet and I Expect During the Microchipping Procedure?

A:  The chip itself is often compared to a grain of rice, and it is easily injected—just like a vaccine— into the back of your pet’s necks within seconds. It’s such a minimal process that our Midlothian vets often perform it during routine vaccinations and booster shots, and pets are never aware of its presence.

Q:  Is Pet Microchipping Painful and How Much Does it Cost?

A:  This in-office procedure is so painless that there is no anesthesia involved. The process likely feels like a small pinching similar to vaccinations and the cost of microchipping is comparable to a routine exam from our vet in Midlothian. Pets can return home with their owners right away and resume normal activities.

Q:  How Do Microchips Work? Do They Track My Pet 24/7?

A:  Pet microchips aren’t global positioning devices that track pets constantly. They are actually passive radio-frequency identification devices that store essential contact information to help lost pets get reunited with concerned owners. This permanent form of ID is only activated when it’s scanned by a specialized device at veterinarians and animal shelters. The scan allows finders to begin the process of contacting the animal’s owners, and all information is secure in a national database of the owner’s choosing.

Q:  What are the Risks of Pet Microchipping?

A:  There are no harmful electromagnetic frequencies emitted by the device, but there is a slight chance that the device could slip away from the insertion point over time. However, there’s no need to recharge or replace microchips and all of the database information is wholly confidential to protect owners, too.

Q:  What are Recovery Rates with Dog Microchipping and Cat Microchipping?

A:  Microchipped cats are returned approximately 38% of the time versus non-chipped felines, and chipped dogs return home 52% of the time versus 22% statistics for dogs without microchips according to the American Veterinary Association. Furthermore, chipped pets that aren’t reunited with their owner are often due to outdated owner contact information.

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