Pet Surgery

Pet Surgery From Your Midlothian Vet

Surgery can be scary enough for us humans. When your Midlothian vet tells you that your pet requires surgery, you may be nervous, but by choosing the right vet, they can offer pre-surgical and post-operative care for your pet when they need it most.

pet surgery from your midlothian vet

Why Do Pets Need Surgery?

There are plenty of reasons a pet may require surgery, such as:

  • Orthopedic and ophthalmic care
  • Urinary bladder and gastrointestinal issues
  • Injury and wound care
  • Foreign body obstruction removal
  • Masses or tumor removals
  • Dental procedures, including dental cleanings
  • Spay/neuter

What Is Pet Surgery Like?

Pet surgery is not all that different from surgery on humans. You will speak with your vet pre-op about the condition or illness that’s plaguing your pet. The vet will explain the surgery they’re going to perform, including what the procedure will do for your pet and roughly how long it will take.

For a majority of these procedures, your pet will be put under anesthesia, and administered appropriate pain medications to keep them comfortable before, during, and after surgery! That means they won’t feel anything, so there’s no need to worry.

After the surgery, your vet will discuss post-op care with you. Depending on the nature of the surgery, your pet may have to stay at the vet overnight. If not, the vet will discuss how you can safely transport your pet back home and care for them once they arrive.

Your pet may be especially lethargic after surgery. Their appetite may not be at its best, and it’s likely they may sleep more than usual. Even when your pet is awake, they may seem groggy. This is to be expected as they continue to metabolize the anesthesia used during surgery. In many cases, this is actually preferred, especially for more rambunctious pets to prevent them from injuring themselves after surgery.

This is expected behavior post-surgery. That said, if it’s been several days and your pet is still acting especially lethargic, you may want to contact your vet. You should also call your vet if you notice your pet has frequent diarrhea and/or vomiting, pale gums, or they won’t drink or eat for greater than 24 hours. If they cannot or will not stand up or they’re unconscious, you need to take them back to the vet.

About Animal Medical Center, Your 24-Hour Midlothian, VA Vet

Are you dealing with pet injuries and wounds? Does your pet need spay/neuter services? If so, contact us at Animal Medical Center, your Midlothian, VA vet. We’re open 24 hours to care for your pet in emergency situations and also proudly serve the surrounding Richmond area.

We specialize in preventative services, vaccinations, pet dental care (including dental cleaning and other dental procedures), senior pet care, therapeutic laser treatment, orthopedics, microchipping, diagnostic care, tick/flea/heartworm prevention, pre-and post-medical care, and wellness exams.

To learn more or contact us, give us a call at 804-639-3900 or visit us at Animal Medical Hospital on 13821 Fribble Way.

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