I took my cat here for surgery after researching several other nearby facilities online and via phone. I chose Deer Run because it receives good reviews and when I spoke to the staff, they were friendly and knowledgeable. I was impressed by the niceness and cleanliness of their facility. I liked that they had a poster board of pictures showing the camaraderie of the staff throughout the year, and that they provide a Keurig Coffee Machine for their clients. The staff, from reception to surgical technicians, made sure I was thoroughly appraised of what I needed to know to prepare for my cat's surgery, including possible complications. Their expertise and professionalism were on point. I was charged a fair price for the procedure, much less than what some others in the area were charging, and with no reduction in veterinary care quality. My cat's surgery went very well and he recuperated without any problems. I plan on taking him to Deer Run from now on for all routine care and any emergencies that arise.

-Ashten Williamson

I have 2 labs (furry children) that go 2 Deer Run. They are 13 years old. Dr. Nay and his staff are excellent. They explain procedures and medications. The staff is very knowledgeable and always willing 2 help. I trust them with my children

-Pat Lipscomb

I brought my 15 year old cat in for his first dental cleaning this week. I was very nervous. I have heard horror stories about anesthesia for pets. Upon further research, I found that only .24% (that's POINT 24%, not even 1%) of cats pass away from this practice. So I trusted my baby to this office. They were spectacular. Not only did they give me thorough instructions for before the surgery, they cleaned his teeth, removing ONLY what was necessary. They monitored him upon waking, and gave me medicine for his pain as well as antibiotics. I expected him to be lethargic upon his return home, but unbelievably, he was skipping around immediately and ONLY wanted hard crunchy treats instead of his usual soft food. He is back to normal, biting much less (must have been in pain, poor thing), eating, drinking, using his litter box as usual. The vet even called me 24 hours later to check that everything was ok. This procedure was done in a timely manner, and they called to update me on his status throughout the day. It was reasonably priced. I had all the usual vet fears about this, but I cannot say enough about how well this entire procedure went down. Lou is so happy, and so am I. Class act, Deer Run Animal Medical Center!!

-Jennifer Fletcher

I cannot recommend this facility enough! My dog was diagnosed with pancreatitis almost a week before we brought her to Dr. Nay and his wonderful staff. He personally immediately greeted my dog, Bella, and us with a warm smile. From this point on, I knew my baby was in good hands! The next morning, Dr. Martin had her as one of his first ultrasound patients of the morning. As soon as the ultrasound was over, he was calling me to let me know the results. Because of an abnormal result, he ran some more blood work and after getting those results sent us to see a surgeon. Because of Dr. Nay, Dr. Martin and their staff, I truly believe my dog is alive because of them. ~ The Lorello's

There are two operations at this one location. The regular practice Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm and Saturday 8Am- 12.

The ER is open all other times to serve critical patients. I have been very impressed with the practice. Dr. Marc Nay has been my vet for 20 years and I can't say enough good things about him.

He has always treated my animals with respect and has provided guidance that didn't always benefit him financially. Nine years ago my best friend was in the early stages of kidney failure and he said we can do the following things to help her, but all its going to do is buy you some time. In the end, she won't make it because she needs new kidneys and we wont be able to do that. I asked what I should do. He said with heavy eyes that animals unlike people don't have to suffer. It is your choice and I will do what you think is best.

I really appreciate the honesty of this staff and the care they provide my four legged kids.

My new best buddy saw the ER vet today. He is 10 and I love him to death, didn't know what was wrong he was just yelping. I thought the worst and told them that they had the full power to do whatever tests needed to figure it out. They could have taken advantage, because I was obviously not concerned about money, but the vet took the time and was able to diagnose a slipped disc in his neck. He didn't get subjected to tons if unnecessary testing even though I had already said X-ray him, do wherever you need. I am thankful they did their job.

Now about the wait.... I don't mind, because I see the critical patients come in, the ones who have been hit by cars or worse. So I'm ok with waiting because if my dog was hit by a car, I would expect someone with a stable animal be supportive.  So I will wait because I believe the staff is working as hard as they can to do the right thing for the animals in their care.

-Kelly R

Words cannot express the how grateful I am to have found this vet! They truly care for you and your pet. They always provide quality care and are good about warning you of the prices before running your bill up. My dog had a very traumatic experience at a few vets before we found this place. They have been so loving and understanding of my dog's needs! I am so impressed by every vet I have seen here and the front desk is always so knowledgeable and polite. They're open 24 hours so anytime my dog is not feeling well, I know I can call them for their expert opinion. I highly recommend this veterinary practice!

-Krystal B

I am writing to tell you that the emergency vet care we received at this location by far exceeded our expectations. They were efficient, expedient and extremely concerned about our kitten's well being. The staff was friendly, courteous and shared our emotional concerns for our kitten. I would recommend this location any time for care. I have experienced other emergency vets and the cost is ridiculous and the quality is poor. This location the cost is below average and the quality of care is excellent.

-Tracey D

Deer Run Excellent Care & Quality Staff – We take our puppy to Deer Run and could not be happier with the care that she receives. The staff is compassionate and experienced. They are creative and encouraging. Our puppy had some eating challenges when we first got her, and thanks to the staff at Deer Run, she is now healthy and strong now. I simply can't say enough positive things about this team. The office is clean, convenient and even offers after hour emergency care. We are very fortunate to have them as care providers for our little one.


Dear Staff,

We wanted to take this time to tell you thank you so much for all you did to save Baylee.

You all were super and kept us informed on what was happening, which helped greatly with the stress.

Baylee went for her ultrasound yesterday and they didn’t see any tumors etc- Dr. Watts is leaning towards cushing’s disease. They tested her blood and sent the samples to Tenn. for results which we should get back in a couple of weeks. He’s sure that this is something that can be controlled with medicine.

Baylee is bouncing back to being herself- I’m sure you could tell she’s our little pride and joy. We also know had we not found you, we would have lost her so a thank you doesn’t seem to express our gratitude.

You all are fantastic- Baylee sends her kisses.

-Chester & Becky

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